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Pet obedience training that works, all done in a family home environment.

Dogs are not computers; you cannot program them and call it a day.

With a balanced approach to training, we create well-behaved, reliable fur-companions.

The majority of dog training fails because the owners don't have the time, or simply don't want to put in the work.


A dog requires timing, motivation and consistency, in order to be reliable. That last bit, "consistency", is the major failing point. Did you know a dog needs 3 weeks of consistent training for it to move from their short to long-term memory?

We train our fur-students using a balanced approach to training developed by Top Tier K9, paired with the utmost consistency by our TTK9 Certified Pet Trainer, Valerie Diaz.

Treated with care, in a family home environment

Balanced approach to pet training, with consistency!

Let's start with a meet & greet!


Rest easy when your pet is in our care.

TTK9 Pet Trainer Badge
Pet Care Business Insurance
Pet CPR certification
Federal & state background checks
Family Owned and Operated
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Don't just take our word for it. Hear it from our satisfied pet clients!

Ham the bulldog
"Time and time again Valerie has proved herself to be the best pet-sitter in Apollo Beach! I cannot thank her enough for taking such good care of our fur-kid!!  HUGE THANK YOU!!"

Nicole, Apollo Beach

JR the black dog
"Valerie has worked wonders for our adult dog JR! She is patient, kind, and professional. Definitely has the skills and experience to train dogs properly. Highly recommend her services!"

Brandy, Apollo Beach

Fuli cat
"Valerie cat sat for me for a week and couldn’t be happier. When I caught my cat knocking over the treat jar on our camera, I messaged her and she went over to clean it up. She also went above and beyond by sweeping the floors where the cat litter had been tracked out in addition to keeping the litter, food and water topped up. Will definitely be using her again!"

Kati, Apollo Beach

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