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Cute Dog

About Us

At Woof Happens, we believe there are no bad dogs.

Our Story

As a family, we've always shared a profound love for pets. We've had our fair share of animal-pals join our family throughout the years - from reptiles, to fish, to rodents, you name it!


It wasn't, however, until we adopted our two dogs, that we learned how truly rewarding having canine companions is. Haru and Pippin (our pups), have positively impacted our lives in so many ways. This is what ultimately led us to start offering reliable professional pet services to our friends and community.


Our goal is to help other families have the same experience with their pet-pals, with someone reliable and trustworthy to pet-sit while you are away, walk your woof-pals when you are busy (life is hard, we get it!), and provide pet obedience training that works!

We know peace of mind is of the utmost importance.

That's why we let our credentials speak for themselves.


Top Tier K9 Certified

Our trainer is certified in pet obedience training by one of the country's most renowned dog training academies - Top Tier K9


Insured by Pet Care

We are insured for all our services, not just some.


Obedience Training

Pet Sitting

Dog Walking

Pet Transportation

Pet Waste Removal

Federal & state background checks..png

Background Checks

Yes, we background-check ourselves! 

We are so committed to your piece of mind, that we cleared ourselves with state and federal criminal checks.

Cat and Dog First Aid Certified.png

Pet CPR Certified

As a business that works with lives, it is imperative to be prepared for any emergencies. This is why we've certified with the American Red Cross for Cat and Dog First Aid.

Family Owned.png

Local & Family Owned

Don't send your pets to a facility, where they are just another number.

Our pet clients are part of our family from day one. They are treated with love, patience, care and compassion.

Our Peeps

Our family is our best asset. That is why we are 100% family owned and operated.

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